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Salisbury Vintage Range Ltd

Official Booking Website for Old Sarum Range

Old Sarum Range - Registration Procedure
In order to book a range you need to register your club with Salisbury Vintage Range Limited, the Old Sarum Range booking management company. You will need to provide details of your treasurer or person responsible for paying your invoices. Please complete the registration form below.

Once your registration has been accepted you will receive a user name and password which will allow you to make bookings on behalf of your club. If you wish more than one person to have the ability to make reservations, please enter their details in the Additional Users text area including their full name and email address.

All shooting clubs are required to follow the Old Sarum Range Orders, a copy of which can be viewed by clicking here.
Shooting Club Registration Form


I confirm a NRA qualified RSO/RCO or an appointed responsible officer of the club will be present at all ranges to ensure safety procedures are followed. In addition the club will be responsible for their own first aid and supply their own first aid kit.

The club agrees to adhere to the Range Orders posted on this website and at the range.

The club confirms it has current Public Liability Insurance suitable for shooting.

After you have sent the form you will receive a confirmation email.
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